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Making Money On My Blog

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:43 am
by Sire
Although when I first started blogging it had more to do with SEO than it had to do with making money. Over time I have searched for ways to make money online, partly because I found it to be an interesting endeavour but mainly because I knew it would attract a lot of readers. I've always made a point of posting my findings on WassupBlog. One of the posts, How To Turn Your Blog Into A Cash Machine, introduced the reader to a couple of WordPress plugins that would allow bloggers to charge for certain content but I would only reveal that information at a cost. :idea:

I've since written new posts as well as selected some old posts that I'm planning to include in the Membership category. These postes include

1: How Not To Lose Money On The Stock Market
2: How To Turn The Internet Off On The iPhone
3: How I Stopped My Desktop Icons From Flashing

I plan to do many other posts that I will only reveal to those willing to pay for the content. Is it working? I'll let you know as soon as that post goes live. ;)