Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic is essential for bloggers, webmasters and affiliate marketers! Without traffic they may as well give it all away.

Let's discuss ways of generating traffic to our sites.
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Traffic Exchange Sites

Postby Sire » Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:45 am

I've just joined a Traffic Exchange network to see whether or not it will generate any traffic for the sites I've nominated.

The way it works is that as a member you browse other members sites thereby earning points. They in turn do the same thereby giving your site exposure. The hope is that if the site, affiliate or post that you've submitted is interesting enough to pique the viewers interest that they visit your site.

At the moment I'm a free member meaning that I have to view two sites to earn one credit, every credit earned is used to display your site. As a paying member you get 500 credits per month as well as a 1:1 surf ratio. If you didn't want to go through the manual surfing you could buy 10,000 credits for ten bucks. I'm actually toying with this idea at the moment.

So far I'm only using my landing page but I've waiting for my people search engine to get approved so that I can try getting some traffic sent that way as well.

I'll keep you updated on how it all goes.

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Re: Traffic Exchange Sites

Postby SherylLoch » Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:36 pm

Oh the joy of Traffic Exchanges! Hint - Hire a 6 y/o to click for you. :lol:

I would say capture pages are popular on TE's. People say they get tons of sign ups but, I would also add that most of those sign ups are worthless.

I ran my blog for a bit just to play with some theories (If you have Google Adsence do NOT run it).

I also ran a page that was like a business card, had my name, site name, & picture. Funny thing is I had several people that would see my name or pic somewhere else & think I was someone they knew. LOL!

Keep in mind that people on TE's are trying to sell something to people that are trying to sell something.

The safelist that some TE's offer are about as useful as tits on a boar. They are like every other one opens them or cares.

Most TE people only advertise memberships to other TE's. They figure if you sign up under them then, they get a % of the clicks you make so, they can show their ads more to other people that don't care.....

If you use Firefox, you can run at least 10-20 tabs at a time. Click the 1st tab & continue on through all tabs. By the time you get back to #1 again...your 30 seconds is up & you don't have to sit & look at the page being advertised.

This is where I always LMFAO...All those baffled idiots that have contest to get their Alexa Rank down the most...DUH...Throw your site in an auto Traffic Exchange & go take a nap....or go to the store, go take a shower, sleep all night...... Or fire up a 2nd computer pick about 3 auto exchanges that use the IP of the other exchanger & let it run.
The big TIP is to do this you must use the right exchanges. Some use the IP of the exchange itself others use the surfers IP's.

I was running a site that one of the "instructors" wanted to teach how to use TE's so, I spent a good bit of time testing & talking to people about results. I also tried things like my business card page & a few other things just to see what (if anything) would work.


PS. If you do run a page on your domain remember that your bounce rate may sky rocket (this also depends on the exchange).

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Re: Traffic Exchange Sites

Postby Sire » Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:16 pm

I learned a few years back, after getting a warning for Google, that I shouldn't use TE's that point to a site with adsense ads. That was the main reason I stopped using them. I've made sure that all the landing pages do not have adsense, or any other ads, jut to be on the safe side.

Unfortunately I don't have any 6 year olds that I can recruit to surf for me, and it's not all that hard to click in between the other tasks that I'm doing while on the net. If things get busy I can always go for the $10 for 10,000 click deal, which is really pretty good.

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Re: Traffic Exchange Sites

Postby Bjoern30 » Sat May 01, 2010 10:57 am

Hey I am new here and I also signed up for a TE - got the same results
I guess no 6 year old will click 10.000 times for 6 nowadays
maybe they are good if you have something to give away for free to get the viral thing going...

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