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Many people earn money by doing online surveys. Post of your experience here.
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American Consumer Opinion

Postby Sire » Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:08 pm

So, we have established that the way to make it worthwhile doing surveys online you need to join as many survey companies as possible. I'll start the ball rolling with American Consumer Opinion. Naturally it is free to join, and apart for getting paid for taking surveys can also win money in monthly drawings by just being a member.

There is another difference with this company. Sometimes before being offered a survey you will be given a 'screener' (a short questionnaire) to see whether or not you qualify for the actual survey. Usually if you fail the screener you leave without getting anything for your time. With American Consumer Opinion you are entered into a drawing with the possibility of winning some cash. Just today I bombed out with my screener and was entered into into the monthly sweepstakes of US $10,000. Man, if I could pull that off I would be over the moon.

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