Cash Burner's Affiliate Program

There are many affiliates. Which ones are working for you? Each member can do a post on one of their affiliates and including an affiliate link in the post. Only one per member.
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Cash Burner's Affiliate Program

Postby Sire » Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:40 pm

Well, seeing as how no-one else is taking the opportunity to promote an affiliate I reckon I may as well give another one of mine a plug. Seeing as how I am the owner of this forum I reckon you guys will let me get away with it. :lol:

A couple of days ago I started another blog, one different from all my other blogs as it's a niche blog, and the nice is sex. The blog is called Top Sexual Aids and that is exactly what I will be blogging about. The problem is how does one find interesting topics for this sort of blog and write about it convincingly. What I needed was an affiliate that had a whole heap of sexual products for me to write about. Lucky for me I mentioned it to Mitch whilst playing chess and he pointed me towards a particular article of his that had just the answer I needed.

That answer was the CashBurners Affiliate! Not only do they have the products, they also give away free hosting and websites for people to sell their products for them. I've even gone live with one of their free templates selling sexually orientated herbal products, with sexually apt names such as morgasm and niagra.

Anyway, I figure if there is one product on this planet that a person should be able to sell anything that product would have to be sex or at least sex orientated. Seeing as how the Internet is a big market, I reckon there is room for more of us to join in the cash burning enterprise. 8-) Just click on the banner below.


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