My Favourite Affiliate

There are many affiliates. Which ones are working for you? Each member can do a post on one of their affiliates and including an affiliate link in the post. Only one per member.
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My Favourite Affiliate

Postby Sire » Sun May 17, 2009 1:02 am

Well, seeing as even I can only post one affiliate link I choose ClixGalore because I've found it to be the most versatile. It gives me a great selection of advertisers to choose from as well as allowing me to have rotating banners. These banners show a different advertiser with every page view. They also have the added bonus that the program automatically removes inactive advertisers.

Another reason I love this affiliate is the fact that some of the advertisers offer PPC (Pay Per Click) adverts meaning that I get paid every time someone clicks on an add. The fact that payments are done through PayPal is another reason I love ClixGalore and why I highly recommend them.

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