There are many affiliates. Which ones are working for you? Each member can do a post on one of their affiliates and including an affiliate link in the post. Only one per member.
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Postby Sire » Sat May 28, 2011 10:05 am

Since my last post I think I've just fallen in love with a new affiliate. Rather than rehash this on this post I'd like you to read my post on The Secret To Online Success Is A Passive Income! That post tells you how making money is all about picking the right product to sell and if you pick one that people buy on a regular basis then that is when the money starts coming in.

The next post, The Birth Of Another Blog, Buying Lottery Tickets Online, tells you about my latest niche blog, one that allows people to buy tickets online. Think about it, people buy tickets at least once a week, some people more often. If you can get people to buy tickets from a site you're affiliated to then they will be putting money in your pocket on a regular basis. Seeing the potential was what caused me to start up Buy Online Lotto Tickets.

I've decided to use a niche because I believe it's the best way to maximise the money making potential. The thing is if you have a blog or website there is no reason why you can't offer your readers the same service, which brings me to this post. All you need is an affiliate to join and I have the right one for the job. It's called and once you've joined them you have access to all the major lotteries in the world.

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