How I get 10K dollar per month only by PPV affiliate marketi

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How I get 10K dollar per month only by PPV affiliate marketi

Postby allenrashawn76 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:49 pm

Just five month agao, I always think one question: what a quick way to make money online? Becasue I lost my job and I am broke. I can not even afford utility bills. I was very anxious about that difficult situation. So I searched making money method on the internet from time to time. After a lot of research, I started to sell items on the internet on eaby site. I started out by selling extra items that I had at home or resell items from other suppliers, such as bazaars, flea markets. But I found it is hard to make big money by this way. Finally I was fortunate enough to come across an ebook Mass Ppv Traffic Including Step By step Videos. that helped me to make extra money at home! Anyway to make a long story short: I promote prodcut by PPV. PPV is a type of display advertising. It stands for Pay-Per-View. The way ppv marketing really works. First of all, I signed up with an adware company. Then I can bid on some keywords. The adware causes the vistor computer to open a browser with my ad. As the cost of advertising keeps creeping up and gnawing away at profits, marketers are looking for more cost effective alternatives. PPV marketing is brandly new promoting method. In that ebook, it tells how to get traffic To your site for only $0.01 per visitor using their methods! Now I have buy a new house in California. I am still learning and I hope I can earn more. Do you want to learn more about the PPV yourself? You can download the following TOP Two PPV GuideS!

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Re: How I get 10K dollar per month only by PPV affiliate mar

Postby Sire » Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:43 pm

There is a few things wrong with this post Allen.

    1. It has nothing to do with Google Adsense.
    2. It seems that the whole reason for this post was for the intention of promoting your affiliate link
    3. Whilst this forum is for primarily for bloggers I will allow others to join as long as they provide good content, but not so they can promote affiliate links in their signature. I suggest changing your signature if you wish to remain a member.

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