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Sexy Sals Blonde Jokes

Postby Sire » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:41 pm

Having a blog is fine but there's not much point in having one if you're not getting any traffic to it. I've found the best way to get traffic is to leave quality comments on as many blogs as you can. By leaving these quality comments, not spammy ones, you help to build your brand, get backlinks to your blog, especially if they are using CommentLuv and you will also get traffic from those blogs as people follow those links to check out what interesting information you have on your blog.

Another great way is to write informative posts that have the right targeted keywords in order to drive search engine traffic to your site. I found this to be a tedious task until I bought Market Samurai, now it's so much easier.

You could also use sites such as Cool Blog Links which involves placing a tracking code on your blog so that it can update stats every time someone visits your blog. That site currently has a PR2 ranking so it also helps with your backlink strategy.

You may be wandering what all that has to do with Sexy Sals blonde jokes? Well I was getting to that. I came up with the idea when I saw how popular Aunty Acid was after incorporating one of the images on a post. I consequently did more posts that included Aunty Acid cartoons.

That was when I decided to come up with Sexy Sals Blonde Jokes.


Notice in the above image the icon showing my blogs web address. If you google Sexy Sals in Google you will notice it is fairly prominent. Google Sexy Sals Blonde jokes and Sexy Sals almost dominates the results. In time I hope for her to get good rankings in blonde jokes as well. This will take time but is achievable. The thing is that every time someone shares any of the Sexy Sals images the Wassupblog brand gets shared too.

I'm currently working on similar ways to promote my The Gifts Guru and Get Lottery Online sites.

What do you think of my ideas and what are you doing to market your blogs.

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